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Let's Talk Teaching

Join members of the CTLT team and special guests in a discussion about teaching and professional development for faculty at Illinois State. New episodes are generally available on Fridays, with special bonus episodes appearing from time-to-time.

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Newest Episodes

Ep. 028: Cooperation article thumbnailMost teachers will tell you that group work, done well, is important to student success. But just how do you pull it off? We're back after a brief break to kick off our summer season talking about cooperative learning. Claire and Jim explore the differences between cooperation and collaboration in the classroom. Claire shares her experience designing group-related learning activities, and she gives us her take on whether it's better to let students pick groups, pick groups for them, or leave it to random chance. 
Ep. 027: In the Good Old Summer Time article thumbnailSpring has just about sprung its last. As we wrap up the end another semester, it's a great time to look forward to a summer of some meaningful "me" time. Claire and Jim discuss the benefits of summer professional development in general and some of the highlights of CTLT's Summer Institute in particular. Explore some of the philosophies behind course design, helping students write, and thriving despite the stress of life in the academy. 
Ep. 026: Reflection article thumbnail“Reflection” is one of those terms you read a lot about when it comes to teaching and learning. It’s also one of those concepts that sounds natural but can be surprisingly hard to apply in practice. Claire and Jim unearth examples of how it can be used, practically, in teaching, and how it can help students truly master course content. They discuss probing questions, exam wrappers, rubrics, and more-- and, of course, reflection isn’t just beneficial to students! 
Ep. 025: Teaching and Culture with John Baldwin article thumbnailCulture, globalization, mentoring, and life-long learning: We talk this week with Dr. John Baldwin, a professor in the School of Communication and the 2016 Outstanding University Teaching Award winner for tenured faculty. John shares his insights on those topics and more, as he and Jim explore the link between students’ self-identities and learning. They also discuss the importance of modeling positive behavior in your class—even when the discussion gets difficult. 
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