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Opscan & ReggieNet

Here are some tips and information on using Opscan sheets with your ReggieNet course.

In order for us to include ULIDs in the report we generate for you, students must use their University ID (UID) on the Opscan sheet in the field that says “Social Security Number” or “University ID”. Social Security Numbers or specially-generated classroom identification numbers will not work.

When you submit the job to Opscan, make sure to indicate you want the “Scores for ReggieNet” report on the job request form along with any other reports you want. (If you want us to email the file, then you must set up a password with us to encrypt the Excel file and thus protect students’ UIDs). In an email message, you will receive an Excel file that lists the students’ names, UIDs, university login identifications (ULIDs), and scores. The column of ULIDs is titled “Student ID” because ReggieNet uses that term. A sample of such a file is shown here. If our scanner was unable to read a UID or unable to match it to a student, then no ULID is inserted.

Sample of Scores for ReggieNet Excel File

To prepare the file for use with ReggieNet:

  1. In the top of Column D, you should change the word “Score” to the name you wish to give this test in ReggieNet. If necessary, manually type in any missing ULIDs in the Student ID column.
  2. Delete the Student Name column and University ID column (see these instructions on deleting columns in Excel). Keep the columns of scores and ULIDs (Student IDs). Deleting the names in the Excel file simplifies the upload process and prevents unwanted columns from being created.
  3. Once you have reviewed the results and believe they are correct, save the file as a CSV (comma-delimited) file.

The CSV file can now be imported into ReggieNet.

To import the file into ReggieNet:

  1. Click Gradebook in the left-hand navigation (under Course Information).
  2. Click the Tools tab, then click Import in the dropdown menu.
  3. Select “No-Structure Gradebook” from the Import Format dropdown menu.
  4. Click the Browse button to select the CSV file you created earlier. Click Next.
  5. A preview page will appear. If ReggieNet finds an exact match for the column name in the Gradebook, that is where the grades will go. Otherwise, a new column will be created. In the left-hand panel of the preview page, you can change the maximum number of points for that item, and if you are using Categories, what category the item should be placed in. The right-hand panel will show a preview of the grades being imported.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Click Done.
  8. Once the scores are imported, you should check that the settings (Include in grade, Release scores) for the item have been updated correctly. If you are using Categories, and you didn’t specify a category in step 5, the item will be listed under Unassigned. Double-click on the item and change the settings as needed.
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