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Let's Talk Teaching

Join members of the CTLT team and special guests in a discussion about teaching and professional development for faculty at Illinois State. New episodes are generally available every Thursday, with special bonus episodes appearing from time-to-time.

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Newest Episodes

Ep. 023: Teaching on the Road with Dr. Meg Gregory article thumbnailHit the road with Meg Gregory, who just completed her Ph.D. while teaching at several institutions, including Illinois State, this semester. Meg shares her perspectives on the diverse students she encounters while teaching across Illinois and reflects on how she's had to adapt her teaching to meet the needs of these different populations. 
Ep. 022: What's New with ReggieNet - Spring 2017 article thumbnailReggieNet, Illinois State University's customized learning management system, received a significant upgrade over the spring break of 2017. CTLT's Charles Bristow, one of the instructional designers who helps faculty use ReggieNet, joins us to talk about new features. 
Ep. 021: Tutoring Options at the Julia N. Visor Center article thumbnailIt’s mid-semester, and some students may be having an “ah-ha” (or an “uh-oh”) moment in regards to their grades. There’s help for struggling students through the Julia N. Visor Center, part of Illinois State’s University College. We talk with Pamm Ambrose, an associate director with the College, who highlights their foundational approach to helping students achieve. We also talk about some common misconceptions about the services the Center offers (the Visor Center is not about "advisement"), and the importance of coaching students to cultivate learning skills and move beyond ineffective study habits. We also showcase how faculty members can help students take advantage of the Visor Center’s many services. 
Ep. 020: From Camp to Classroom article thumbnailWe sit down with Tracy Mainieri, Asst. Professor in the School of Kinesiology and Recreation and recent Teaching Initiative Award winner. Tracy discusses her experience creating a teaching portfolio and the process changed her take on teaching. We also explore ways to encourage students to reach for that "wow" factor in their projects and how summer camp taught her valuable lessons about teaching. 
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