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Let's Talk Teaching

Join members of the CTLT team and special guests in a discussion about teaching and professional development for faculty at Illinois State. New episodes are generally available every Thursday, with special bonus episodes appearing from time-to-time.

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Newest Episodes

Ep. 019: Great Expectations article thumbnailCommunicating high expectations to students requires both clarity and empathy. It can sometimes be a difficult juggling act. We explore ways to incorporate one of the Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education into your teaching. Discover some of the pitfalls and the great promise in rethinking how you challenge students to excel in their learning. Claire and Jim also discuss ways to help students get back on track when they don’t meet your expectations. 
Ep. 018: Claire's Bookshelf II article thumbnailWe start off 2017 with a return to Claire's bookshelf. This time, Claire and Jim explore three "handbooks" that can help you plan for teaching and easily respond to new questions or challenges that may arise during the semester. These research-based perspectives can help you assess various aspects of your teaching, including how much students actually care about course content, and illustrate ways to keep them engaged in their learning. Claire and Jim also explore the merits... and the occasional frustrations... of "ice breaker" exercises as a way of building community. 
Ep. 017: About Those Student Evals... article thumbnailIt's that time of year, when students turn the proverbial tables on their instructors and evaluate us. But student evaluations of our teaching are neither something we should dread, nor something we should read too much into. How do you strike a balance that let's you use those end-of-term feedback surveys as a positive tool for reflection? Claire and Jim explore what you should and shouldn't worry about, the virtue of the "long view," and more. 
Ep. 016: Time on Task article thumbnailSurveys show our students spend more time learning outside the classroom than we think… but it is enough? Explore the concept of “time on task” and how we can help our students engage with meaningful learning. We’ll look at the age-old vicious cycle of lecture and reading assignments, other ways to encourage students to come to class prepared, and how and why you might hold students accountable for their learning. 
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