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Getting Started with Clickers

Use the guidelines below to aid you in properly using clickers, including changes introduced for the fall of 2016.

Request Classroom Installation

In order to use clickers in your classroom, instructors need to request a receiver and software installed in that classroom. Please complete the Request Form as early as possible to have TurningPoint Cloud installed in your classroom.

Getting Software

In order to use clickers, you must have TurningPoint Cloud installed on your computer. Instructors will need to download the new TurningPoint Cloud software for their office and personal devices from their TurningPoint Cloud account page (accessible through the ReggieNet integration). Contact your local technical support staff for assistance.

Learn to Use Software

There are multiple documents in the How-to Materials page that guides instructors on setting up, using various features, and utilizing TurningPoint Cloud to its maximum potential. It is recommended that as you read these handouts you practice the instructions on the page to get into a habit of completing the steps.

Student Notification

Correct model of clicker
Current model
clicker device

Make sure that students know that you're using clickers in your class. Have your department list "clickers" as a required material in Course Registration.

To the right is a picture of what clicker model students should have.

For Your Syllabus

Starting in the fall of 2016, students will have to purchase a subscription to use Clickers in your classroom. While this subscription will also allow students to use the ResponseWare app on a smartphone or tablet, Illinois State University is not supporting this feature yet. Here are some points you may want to address in your syllabus:

  • Even if a student currently owns a clicker, they will still need to purchase a subscription and create an account to use Clickers in the classroom.
  • The only time a student should buy the “subscription only” option is if they already own a clicker. Otherwise, they should buy a clicker and subscription bundle.
  • Students can buy their clicker and/or subscription through either the bookstores on campus (Alamo II or Barnes & Noble) or from TurningPoint directly. Students will have to create an account with their ISU email address before purchasing directly from the TurningPoint Student Store. After creating their account, students will see a link to the TurningPoint Student Store on the left of their Dashboard. Items bought from TurningPoint should take 3 days for delivery.
  • Rebates are available for students. Students should keep their receipt and any packaging in order to qualify for the rebate. Rebates can be redeemed at using the following codes:
    1 year license: Risu20 ($20.99)
    4 year license: Risu37 ($37.00)
    4 year bundle: Risu20 ($20.99)
  • Students should contact TechZone for hardware support issues with their clickers. Students who need assistance with their subscription should contact TurningPoint at 1-866-746-3015.
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