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Update: Course Combination for Fall 2015

Requests to combine two or more ReggieNet course sites will be accepted closer to the start of the fall semester. A new system has been designed and is currently being tested. We appreciate your patience!

ReggieNet is the official learning management system (LMS) at Illinois State University. The pages listed to the left provide instructors with information and resources about ReggieNet. Select one of the links to get started! CTLT also offers training through hands-on workshops and customized workshops by request throughout the year.

  • Fall 2015 Updates
  • Summer 2015 Updates
  • Spring 2015 Updates: Uploading Your Syllabus
  • Fall 2014 Updates
  • Spring 2014 Updates

Accessing Fall Course Sites through

Fall registration lists and access to ReggieNet course sites will not be available through the portal until a few days before the beginning of the semester. Instructors who wish to access their ReggieNet course sites and see a roster of enrolled students should use  

Grading Permissions for Teaching Assistants

Beginning in Fall 2015, instructors will have to use a one-time process each semester to grant a teaching assistant permission to grade student work. For step-by-step instructions, please refer to this handout.

Course Combination

A new system has been designed to allow instructors to request the combination of two or more course sites. It is currently being tested. Watch for announcement through ReggieNet and campus email when this service is ready for fall.

Starting with Summer 2015 classes, you will see a change in the list of “default” tools that appear in new course sites.

  • The Modules tool will be replaced by Lesson Builder (you can still add Modules back manually). This tool and two others will eventually be retired.
  • Discussion Forums is being discontinued; the similarly named Discussions tool will remain.
  • The Blogs tool is being replaced by the Clog (“Community Blog”) tool.

All three of these “new” tools have actually been in use for a while, and many instructors on campus prefer them. The "old" tools will be retired permanently in Spring 2016.

The transition from Modules to Lesson Builder will likely have the greatest impact on your work. Unfortunately, there is no way to automatically transfer old modules into the Lesson Builder, so you will have to recreate your lessons manually in Lesson Builder. The team at the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology stands ready to assist you in your transition to all three of these tools.  We have added several sessions of a new, one-hour workshop, ReggieNet: Migrating Content from Modules to Lesson Builder, to our spring schedule. We will also be including this in our summer programming, which will be announced in early May. You can sign up right now for spring ReggieNet workshops on our ReggieNet Workshop page. A video on recreating your modules in Lesson Builders is also available.

The latest update to ReggieNet changes how instructors upload and publish syllabi. Follow these easy steps:

Publishing your syllabus
  1. Click Add Item in the Syllabus menu bar.  When prompted, provide a title and click on the check mark.
  2. Click on the small triangle to see the options for the syllabus.  You should see “Click to add body text” and “Add attachment”.
  3. If you have a syllabus as a file, click Add attachment.  If you’d like to type in information, select Click to add body text.
  4. Click on the light bulb icon to publish.

An update to ReggieNet just before the start of the Fall 2014 semester added enhancements to existing tools:

Peer review—you can now allow students to score and comment on an assignment. An instructor sets the review period after the “accept until” date and can provide review instructions for students via rich text editor. The instructor can also make reviews anonymous, choose whether students can see peer reviews of their submissions, and remove specific peer reviews.
Lesson Builder
The interface has been improved, with all content options in the toolbar grouped in a single "Add Content" menu and some options relabeled for clarity.

On the index of pages, users can view the list of content items for all or specific pages.

You can now set up a permission to allow content access regardless of release controls.
File Drop
You can now upload a single file to multiple selected student dropboxes.

Questions about the Fall 2014 ReggieNet update? Contact Mayuko Nakamura, CTLT’s Instructional Technology & Media Team Lead, at

What’s new in ReggieNet

ReggieNet received a major upgrade over Spring Break 2014. In addition to some behind-the-scenes tweaks and fixes, the update introduced a new tool:

Lesson Builder (New Tool!)
It’s very easy to integrate all course site resources and activities (tests & quizzes, assignments, discussion & discussion forums) into modules with new Lesson Builder tool. You can also design lessons that require students to complete or earn a certain number of points before they can proceed to the next stage. It is easy to integrate multimedia content with this tool. The Module tool is still available for those who have been using the tool.

The update brought new functionality to several existing tools, including:

Drag and Drop - Resources & Materials Tool
File uploading is much easier with new drag and drop feature— upload multiple files much faster and more easily by just dragging from your computer to ReggieNet. It also supports zip format and will unzip the files automatically.
Embed YouTube Videos
A new Movie function will be available in almost all tools (Announcements, Discussions, Assignments, Modules, etc.). You can embed YouTube videos with only a few clicks.
Accessibility Improvements
Accessibility is significantly improved in this version with the introduction of new content editor, CKEditor.
Discussions Tool Improvements
Now you can have ReggieNet create group topics automatically. Also, the new statistics and grading screen make it much easier for you to grade by forum, topic or message.
Tests & Quizzes
You can now re-grade questions in the question pools by clicking one button. Also, the screen is much easier to see for instructors so you can see which tests are published and which are pending.
Auto Group Feature
Now you can randomly assign students to groups with the auto group feature.

Questions about the Spring 2014 ReggieNet update? Contact Mayuko Nakamura, CTLT’s Instructional Technology & Media Team Lead, at

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