Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology
Illinois State University
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Mission & Vision


We support educators in their pursuit of excellence and innovation in teaching, student learning, and the effective use of technology.


In order to support its mission CTLT will

  1. Support the expansion of pedagogical knowledge and skills within Illinois State University’s teaching community.

    CTLT’s team of professional developers will share their own expertise—which is informed by theory, research, and practical experience—thorough a wide range of programs, resources, and services.
  1. Provide opportunities for members of ISU’s teaching community to collaborate in the sharing and development of pedagogical knowledge and skills.

    CTLT’s team of professional developers will draw upon the experience and expertise of ISU faculty and staff to provide opportunities for sharing insights and collaborating in the creation of knowledge relevant to teaching and learning. 
  1. Contribute to and draw upon scholarship that benefits teaching, learning, and the field of professional development.

    CTLT’s team of professional developers will stay current in the scholarship of teaching, learning, professional development and engage in original research that contributes to those fields.
  2. Provide support for assessment, instruction, and profession growth by members of ISU’s teaching community.

    CTLT’s team professionals in the areas of professional development, instructional technology, multi-media,  graphics, communication, and assessment will work together to provide support for members of ISU’s teaching community as they pursue excellence in the creation of effective tools and resources for learning, assessment, promotional activities, and professional knowledge-sharing.   
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