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Outstanding University Teacher Award- Graduate Teaching Award

(revised March 2013)

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These awards are for graduate students who make outstanding contributions to teaching as part of their program and educational experience at Illinois State University. These awards are designed to recognize persistent, focused, and purposeful dedication to striving for excellence. This includes: learning about and applying effective instructional practices across a wide range of teaching activities; evaluating the effectiveness of those practices; and reflecting on personal values and professional experiences to shape future teaching practices. This award has three categories:

  • Level I: Doctoral degree graduate assistants with sole responsibility for instruction in a course.
  • Level I: Master’s degree graduate assistants with sole responsibility for instruction in a course.
  • Level II: Master’s or doctoral graduate assistants directing labs or discussion groups associated with a course taught by a faculty member, or who have significant responsibilities team-teaching or co-teaching a course.

Eligibility Criteria

Graduate teaching assistants currently holding at least a .25 FTE appointment (6-10 hours per week) related to one of the above award categories, or who have held such an appointment for at least one full term (fall, spring, or summer) of the current academic year at the time of their nomination, are eligible.

Note: Current graduate student members of the University Teaching Committee are ineligible.

Annual Timetable

  • Mid-March – Program information and guidelines are posted to the University Teaching Committee web site and memos outlining the time frame and any changes in the process are distributed to Chairs, Deans, and others by the University Teaching Committee.
  • Last Tuesday of April – Names of nominees are due from departments to the Chair of the University Teaching Committee ( or Claire Lamonica, 6370 Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology). Departments should inform nominees of their nomination.
  • Summer – The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology provides nominees with portfolio development support through workshops and individualized consultation. (NOTE: Attendance is strongly advised, but not mandatory.) See CTLT summer programming for details (
  • First Tuesday of September – Completed teaching portfolios are due from all nominees to their chairs, directors. or designees.
  • Third Tuesday of September – Teaching portfolios, including chair’s/director’s letter as described in portfolio preparation guidelines, are due from departments/schools to the deans of their respective colleges. Each portfolio must be accompanied by a nomination form signed by the chair/school director.
  • Third Tuesday of October – Teaching portfolios of final college nominees are due from college dean’s offices to the chair of the University Teaching Committee at the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology. Each portfolio must be accompanied by a nomination form signed by the dean. All portfolios must arrive at the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology no later than 4:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of October. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • December – The University Teaching Committee completes its review and selection process and notifies each nominee individually of the outcome for his or her nomination. Chairs/directors are notified of their department’s/school’s nominees’ outcomes, deans are notified of their college nominees’ outcomes, and the Provost’s Office is notified of all award recipients.
  • Early January – The Wednesday before spring semester begins, award recipients are announced and introduced at the annual Teaching and Learning Symposium.
  • February – Award recipients are formally recognized at the Founders Day Convocation.

Nomination Procedures

At the Department/School Level


Any current or former ISU department chairperson, school director, division head, or dean; any current or former ISU full- or part-time faculty member; or any current or former full- or part-time ISU student may nominate someone meeting the eligibility requirements for this award. Nomination letters or emails should be sent directly to the candidate’s department chair/school director. Nomination letters/emails should:

  • Provide the nominee’s name and academic department/school
  • Explain the nominator’s basis of knowledge of nominee’s teaching
  • Explain why the nominee should be considered for this award


The chair/director should use a selection process developed and implemented in consultation with the DFSC/SFSC to identify no more than two nominees each year and forward those names to the Chair, University Teaching Committee, via email no later than 4:30 p.m. on the last Tuesday of April. Nominees should then prepare their teaching portfolios and submit them to their chairs by the first Tuesday of September (or a date arranged with the chair/director). Chairs/directors then forward completed portfolios to their college dean’s office no later than the third Tuesday of September.

At The College Level

Each dean, dean’s appointee, and/or selection committee, in conjunction with the College Council, shall do the following:

  • Each college may nominate up to three candidates for each award category. (An exception is the College of Arts and Sciences, which may forward up to three in each category for each division: social sciences, sciences, humanities.)
  • Each nomination should include the candidate’s application materials, including the nomination form signed by the candidate’s chair/director and dean.
  • Nominations should be sent to the special email address included in the letter sent to deans from CTLT Director Claire Lamonica. If you need assistance, please contact Dr. Lamonica at
  • All materials must be received electronically no later than 4:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of October. No late nominations or materials will be accepted.
  • The college should notify each nominee’s department chair/school director of the college-level outcome.
  • Chairs/School directors should notify their department’s nominees of college outcomes.

University Teaching Committee Process

The UTC shall evaluate nominees’ materials to select recipients and notify each finalist of the outcome. In the case of portfolios of equal merit, preference shall go to those who have not previously won the award.

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