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2011 Outstanding University Teacher Award Winner Category II

Elisabeth Reed, M.A.

  • Master of Arts in Fashion Design from Savannah College of Art & Design
  • Instructional Assistant Professor, Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Teaching philosophy

Creating an interactive and engaging environment that is applicable to our students’ future careers is at the center of my teaching philosophy.

Three most valuable approaches that I bring to my teaching practice

I believe having students engaged and involved in the classroom (with the subject matter, each other, and myself) is at the heart of any learning experience. I work towards creating an environment that facilitates interest and curiosity for the subject matter. Creating this type of environment in the classroom requires applicable, real-life examples of industry tasks and assignments. Incorporating active learning strategies, such as role playing, group discussions, and listening to guest speakers, is an integral part of this process. My role as instructor is to provide the information and the tools the students can then apply.
I have learned that it is important to get to know my students and respect each one of them as individuals. Without knowing the needs of my students, I will never be able to effectively communicate and connect with them in the classroom. Being a part of the student organization, planning field trips and study tours, and working with undergraduate teaching assistants has allowed me to better understand our students’ needs.
I believe that with the right set of tools students will rise to the occasion. In order to have involved and engages students, I need to have an interactive and challenging classroom environment that fosters creativity and ideas. I challenge myself and the students to create that positive atmosphere.
Elisabeth Reed, M. A.
“One of the best compliments I receive from students is when a former student sees me in the hallway and says, ‘I miss your class!’”
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