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2013 Outstanding University Teacher Award Winner Category I

David L. Cedeño, Ph.D.

  • Ph.D. in Chemistry from Baylor University (1999)
  • Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry

Teaching philosophy

I am a facilitator of responsible learning.

Three most valuable approaches that I bring to my teaching practice

Students must realize that they are responsible for their learning; I am a qualified facilitator of it. Students must immerse in the discipline, thus homework is very important as it provides continuous practice of what is learned. Communication is a key factor in the learning experience. Many channels are created to guarantee proper communication with students.

Most important teaching influences

Both my students and colleagues. I have become a better teacher because students provided useful feedback. I have observed and learned from my colleagues and each one of them has contributed by being great examples.

My motivation to become a professor

Comes from my previous teachers. I studied chemistry in a country with limited educational resources. Books were not at the reach of many of us, and the laboratories were not equipped with state-of-the-art technology. My professors made up for those deficiencies with outstanding instruction and unselfish attitudes.

Proudest teaching accomplishment

Recognition from colleagues and students.

Best moment in my teaching career

Knowing that my first student was graduating with a Ph.D. and has become a successful scientist. I learned that we can inspire young minds to become even more than what they believe they can accomplish.

David L. Cedeño, Ph.D.
“The most rewarding aspect of teaching for me is seeing that my previous students are successful professionals in whatever field they decided to pursue.”
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