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The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology provides a growing list of options for faculty who wish to enrich their teaching through instructional consultations. Get a new perspective on your teaching by taking advantage of one or more of the following services:

Accessibility Consultations

Work with a member of the CTLT staff to assess your course content in terms of its accessibility for those with special needs. Accessibility Consultations identify ways you can improve the accessibility of your course materials, especially those communicated through web-based or other electronic channels.

Midterm Chats

Midterm Chats, also referred to as "Small Group Instructional Diagnoses," allow you to see your course through the eyes of your students—at midterm, while there’s still time to make adjustments and improve student learning.

Video (Ad)Vantage

Watch yourself teach. With Video (Ad)Vantage, we’ll videotape your class and guide you through an informed viewing of the result.

Classroom Observations

See your classroom through the eyes of a professional observer or invite a colleague to observe your teaching. Find out more about Classroom Observations.

Online/Blended Course Review

Through our Online/Blended Course Review, you’ll be able to see your blended or online course through the eyes of a professional consultant.

Instructional Strategy Consultations

Our Instructional Strategy Consultations let you sit down with a member of the CTLT staff to begin a systematic approach to dealing with a teaching/learning issue in your classroom.

  • Process
  • Policies

In each case, instructional consultation is a four-part process that includes the following:

  1. Initial meeting
    We will ask you to provide a context for the process by answering some questions about the course, your students, and your teaching.
  2. Classroom Visit
    A CTLT facilitator may visit your classroom or may “visit” (review) your web-based classroom resources, depending on the nature of the consultation.
  3. Feedback Phase
    The facilitator will provide both oral and written feedback, detailing findings of the classroom visit.
  4. Action Phase
    Once you have received our feedback, we ask that you determine a “plan of action” for putting our findings in to action to enrich your teaching.

All instructional consultation services are:

  1. Voluntary
    Only instructors (tenured, tenure line, NTTS, faculty associates or A/Ps with instructional responsibilities) can request instructional consultation services.
  2. Formative

    Teaching consultation services are always formative in nature. Our goal is to provide helpful feedback that instructors can use to enrich and enhance their teaching.

    CTLT facilitators are not in the business of evaluating teaching.

  3. Confidential

    No information gathered during the consultation process will be shared with anyone else at the university or beyond without the instructor’s express consent.

    The CTLT facilitator will provide written feedback as part of the process, and instructors are welcome to use that documentation in any way they deem appropriate (e.g. as an addition to their teaching portfolios, as part of their annual ASPT reports, etc.)

    In addition, we would be happy to send a copy of the feedback to a dean, chair, mentor, or DFSC, but only at the written request of the instructor.

  4. Timely
    CTLT facilitators will work with interested faculty to determine the most appropriate point in the construction or delivery of the course.

To learn more about a specific consultation service or to arrange an initial meeting, click on the appropriate link above. For general questions, please call (309) 438-2542 or send an email to

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