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Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI) Consultation

“Start where you are,
but don’t stay there.”

--Richard Milner

Illinois State University is committed to creating a diverse, welcoming campus climate. Growing our awareness of and working to develop our cultural competence is a critical step towards achieving this goal. One of the most effective tools for taking these steps is the Intercultural Development Inventory ® (IDI®). CTLT’s IDI Qualified Administrators can help you or your group identify existing orientations toward cultural differences and develop roadmaps for continued growth. 

  • Process
  • Policies

Intercultural Development Inventory consultation is a four-part process that includes the following:

  1. Initial meeting
    We will discuss your goals for intercultural competence and how intercultural development inventory can help you assess your current and future orientation of intercultural competence.
  2. Online Assessment
    The Intercultural Development Inventory is a 50-item questionnaire, available online and in a paper-and-pencil format that can be completed in 15–20 minutes.
  3. Feedback Phase
    A CTLT facilitator will analyze your IDI data and discuss the result with you.  We will also explore plans for your future intercultural development.
  4. Action Phase
    Once we have discussed the result and offered feedback, we ask that you determine a “plan of action” for putting your goals into action to enrich your teaching.
  1. Voluntary
    Only Instructors (tenured, tenure line, NTTs, faculty associates or A/Ps with instructional responsibilities) can request for the intercultural development inventory consultation.
  2. Formative
    IDI is designed to assess your current intercultural mindset, not individual personality, knowledge, attitude, or skill dimensions. We will discuss each instructor’s intercultural competence from developmental perspectives and engage them in a dialogue about their future development.
  3. Confidential
    No information we gather as a result of the consultation process will be shared with anyone else at the university or beyond without the instructor’s express consent. Upon request, we will provide a letter documenting an instructor’s efforts for intercultural development, and instructors are welcome to use those letters in any way they deem appropriate (as an addition to their teaching portfolio, as part of their annual ASPT report, etc.). We would also be happy to send a copy of the letter to a dean, chair, mentor, or DFSC, but only at the written request of the instructor.
  4. Timely
    CTLT facilitators will work with interested faculty to determine appropriate timing for consultation.

For more information or to schedule an Intercultural Development Inventory consultation, please contact the main CTLT number at (309) 438-2542 or email

Information regarding additional opportunities to explore issues of diversity and inclusion on our campus are available from:

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