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Video (Ad)Vantage

A Reflective Teaching Tool

Think you know how you appear to students in your classroom? Are you aware of the nonverbals you tend to use while teaching? Do you notice the nonverbal responses you receive from students during class? Can you spot the learning occurring (or not) in front of you?

Schedule a class of your choice to be videotaped and shared confidentially with you. With Video (Ad)Vantage, you'll be able to see yourself as others see you—it can be an eye-opening experience.

  • Process
  • Policies

This Reflective Teaching Tool is a four-part process that includes the following:

  1. Initial meeting
    We will ask you to provide a context for the video process by answering questions pertaining to your course, your students, your teaching style, and any areas of specific concern.
  2. Classroom Visit
    During a Classroom Visit, a CTLT facilitator will videotape up to 60 minutes of class from the side of the room or another location of your choice. The camera will follow you, focus briefly on teaching visuals provided, and make occasional sweeps of the students in the room in order to capture the whole room experience.
  3. Feedback Phase
    The facilitator will provide you with an opportunity to view and discuss the tape and offer feedback based on nonverbal interpretations.
  4. Action Phase
    Once we have discussed the video and offered feedback, we ask that you determine a “plan of action” for putting your goals into action to enrich your teaching.
  1. Voluntary
    Only Instructors (tenured, tenure line, NTTs, faculty associates or A/Ps with instructional responsibilities) can request that videos be taped of their classes.
  2. Formative
    CTLT facilitators are not in the business of evaluating teaching. Questions may be provided to guide you towards your own conclusions. Only you will determine how this information will be used to enrich and enhance your teaching.
  3. Confidential
    Generally, information we gather as a result of the Video (Ad)Vantage process will not be shared with anyone else, at the university or beyond, without the instructor’s express consent. However, members of the CTLT staff may discuss an instructor's situation for professional development purposes, such as how to handle certain types of feedback or what recommendations can be made to support the instructor's teaching goals.You may use follow-up letters in any manner you choose, such as providing it to your Chair, DFSC, or ASPT report. We would be happy to send a copy for you with your written request.
  4. Timely
    CTLT facilitators will work with interested faculty to determine the most appropriate point in the construction or delivery of the course to visit your class.

For more information or to schedule a videotaping session, please contact the main CTLT number at (309) 438-2542 or email

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