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AIM Online

About AIM Online

Unlike DART Online, which is used to create new courses, the AIM program focuses on reviewing and revising courses that have already been taught in the fully online format. The emphasis will be on ensuring that all course elements are fully aligned, resulting in an improved student experience that meets Quality Matters™ standards for a high-quality online course.

Selection Criteria

A limited number of participants will be accepted in each cohort, and the must be nominated by their chair or director. Selection will use the following criteria:

  • First preference will be given to online courses designed by faculty who have NOT participated in either Design a Quality Online Course (DAQOC) or Design, Align, Refine, and Teach (DART) Online.
  • Second preference will be given to online courses taught by faculty who participated in DAQOC.
  • Third preference will be given to courses taught by faculty who participated in DART Online.

It is important that the course associated with the nominee was taught in a fully online format in the past, though chairs may nominate a faculty participant other than the person who originally designed/taught the course. In addition, departments must plan to offer these re-designed courses in an online format during the 2016-2017 academic year.

Expectations for Participants

Both chairs and nominees should be aware of the following:

  • Both AIM Online and DART Online will be taught in a blended format. That is, approximately 75% of the workshop will be completed online, while only about 25% of the workshop will be completed in face-to-face sessions.
  • The successful completion of either workshop will require a substantial investment of faculty time, estimated at about 8-10 hours of dedicated time each week.
  • It is vital that nominees possess basic computer skills (e.g., the ability to create and attach documents in the online environment). Those who do not will struggle to successfully complete these workshops.


Faculty who complete either the AIM Online program will be awarded stipends of $1,500. Payment is subject to the approval of the faculty member's chair or director, who will verify acceptance of the course on behalf of the department or school. CTLT will begin the payment approval process as soon as possible after receiving the chair's acceptance of the course.


If you have general questions about AIM Online, you can contact us at Faculty members wishing to apply should contact their department chair or school director.

If you need need a special accommodation to fully participate in AIM Online, please contact the CTLT front desk at (309) 438-2542.

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