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Instructional Design

Integrated Course Design (Overview)

Based on the work of Dr. Dee Fink, author of Creating Significant Learning Experiences, this workshop provides an overview of “integrated course design,” an approach to fostering significant student learning through attention to the interplay of the basic elements of instructional design: outcomes, learning activities, and assessment.

Integrated Course Design for Online Environments also available

Designing Learning Outcomes

Most instructors have a general idea of what they expect students to “get out of” a course. One key to promoting student learning is the clear communication of those expectations to students. In this workshop each participant will design or revise the learning outcomes for a particular course though attention to a taxonomy of active verbs that describe student learning.

Designing Learning Outcomes for Online Environments also available

Designing Learning Activities

Knowing what we want our students to know or be able to do is just the first step in promoting student learning. The next step is to understand the difference between “assigning” and “teaching” and to design learning activities that emphasize the latter. In this workshop, each participants will design at least one learning activities that supports diverse learners as they work to achieve one or more course goals.

Designing Learning Activities for Online Environments also available

Designing the “Promising Syllabus”

Students often get their first impressions of a course from the syllabus so it’s important to make sure that impression is a good one. In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the concept of the “promising syllabus” and challenged to begin constructing or revising their syllabi in was that promise both rigor and support.

Designing a Syllabus for Online Environments also available

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