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Learning Communities

Learning Communities are small groups of faculty and staff (5-12 members) who meet regularly each semester to discuss specific topics of shared interest or to meet the needs of specific groups. Each group establishes its own meeting schedule, and CTLT provides space (as requested) and limited funding for books or other relevant materials. To join, please contact one of the group’s facilitators.

Need help finding the right events? Most workshops are tagged with one or more of CTLT's Keys to Enhanced Teaching.

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  • Diversity Learning Community Expand Horizons icon Make Connections icon
  • eLiterate Professor Transform Teaching icon
  • Global Teaching and Learning Community Transform Teaching icon
  • Integrating Active Learning with a Classroom Response System Transform Teaching icon
  • Investigating Best Practices for Student Ratings of Instruction Transform Teaching icon
  • Supporting Health and Well-Being in the Classroom and Beyond Transform Teaching icon
  • Wise Women Transform Teaching icon

Please contact Dana Karraker at for more information.

Explore ways to implement aspects of civic engagement, service learning, and community engagement into your courses. If you have participated in the course redesign for civic engagement in the past, this is a good time to reconnect with others who have been through the same process and to share what you have learned. If you are new to civic engagement, come join us to learn about civic engagement at Illinois State! (No previous knowledge required).


Dana Karraker, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology
Harriett Steinbach, Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning

Please contact Dana Karraker at for more information.

What actions we can take as a community of teacher/scholars to create a more inclusive campus environment? Explore ways to implement aspects of civic engagement, service learning, and community. In this Learning Community, we will select readings that will help us discuss how cultural biases can influence our behaviors and attitudes toward students, colleagues, and even ourselves. We will examine cultural stereotypes, microaggression, and systemic oppression, and their effects on our teaching and classroom.

Mayuko Nakamura, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology
Dana Karraker, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology

Please contact Linda Summers at   

This community will focus on readings that address issues relevant to ubiquitous integrated learning (i.e., online, blended, mobile, and web-enhanced learning). Monthly on-campus meetings will be supplemented with a group ReggieNet site that will serve as hub for communication, planning and resource sharing. No prerequisite knowledge required.

Linda Summers, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology

Please contact Mayuko Nakamura at for more information.

A core value of in Illinois State’s strategic plan says that the University is charged with “advancing learning experiences that help faculty, staff, and students succeed in a global society.” This learning community is for anyone who teaches a course with an international focus, is interested in incorporating a global perspective in a course s/he teaches, or who work with international students. The focus of discussions will be on how we can help students gain international perspectives and increase their intercultural awareness.

Mayuko Nakamura, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology
Dawn Beichner, Criminal Justice Sciences

Please contact Greg Maier at for more information.

Explore a variety of learning activities using a classroom response system (clicker). In each meeting, we will try out various clicker activities that promote active student learning and ongoing formative assessment for the instructor. The various learning activities presented will then be evaluated by the group through discussion and self-reflection. In addition to clickers, we will explore other audience response systems and web-based applications. For those wishing to get started with clickers right away, trial sets of clickers and student codes will be available! For more information, contact Greg Maier at

Greg Maier, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology
Steve Travers, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology

Please contact Julie-Ann McFann at for more information.

Student evaluation of teaching is a topic of importance in each academic department. This year-long learning community will meet once per month to discuss scholarly readings from a variety of sources on topics such as the history and fundamentals of course evaluations, issues surrounding the viability of course evaluations, factors that help or hinder the validity of evaluations, the “best” way to conduct evaluations, how to design valid and reliable course evaluations, and how to mitigate bias-related issues. The ultimate output of this group is a summary report for publication or a conference presentation of rationale, findings, and recommendations for Illinois State.

Julie-Ann McFann, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology
Pete Smudde, School of Communication

For more information, contact Nikki Brauer at

Illinois State’s strategic plan calls on all of us to foster a culture that supports personal and community well-being. Uncover examples from faculty about how they positively impact their students’ well-being and contribute to health promoting environments, viewing students holistically, connecting students with the resources they need, and displaying non-judgment and respect. This learning community focuses on sharing ideas, practices, and stories, as well as brainstorming ways to influence the campus culture and contribute to the health of all community members.

Kass Fleisher, Department of English
Nikki Brauer, Health Promotion and Wellness
Kerri Calvert, Health Promotion and Wellness     

Please contact Claire Lamonica at for more information.

Wise Women is a Learning Community specially designed for women academics “of a certain age”… approaching a certain age… or hoping to someday achieve a certain age! Of course, anyone who is interested in our “book of the semester” is more than welcome to join.

Claire Lamonica, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology

If you have an idea for a Learning Community that does not appear on this list and would like to information on how to add a Learning Community or if you have any questions about Learning Communities, please contact CTLT Coordinator, Dana Karraker at or (309) 438-5110.

If you need a special accommodation to fully participate in a CTLT event or service, please contact our front desk at (309) 438-2542.

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