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Contemplative Teaching: Connecting Meaning, Purpose, and Values

Call for Proposals

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology invites proposals for the 2019 University-Wide Teaching & Learning Symposium, which will be held on Wednesday, January 9, at the Marriott Hotel and Conference Center in Uptown Normal. While all proposals related to teaching and student learning are welcome, we especially encourage proposals that address the symposium theme, Contemplative Teaching: Connecting Meaning, Purpose, and Values.

As instructors, we want our students to do more than just remember. We want them to learn in ways that are deeply transformative. We want this not just for their sakes, not just for ours, but because we believe all of society benefits from an educated, compassionate citizenry.

The theme of contemplative teaching is rooted in the same soil as the contemplative practices which grow from other physical, creative, and even spiritual endeavors—practices made more challenging in an age of distracting devices, tweets, and incivility.

For the purposes of this symposium, contemplative teaching can be defined as teaching to encourage new forms of inquiry, reflective thinking, and experiential learning. It also helps students to connect learning to their lives, values, and identities (ACMHE, 2015).

Proposals might focus on practices that encourage deep listening, mindfulness, or reflection to enhance students’ experiences. Or, proposals might elaborate on practices involving our own self-awareness and self-care. Symposium presenters and participants will be encouraged to inspire one another across our disciplinary silos. The theme of Contemplative Teaching is open to any idea about teaching or student learning which helps us move beyond the passive transmission of knowledge to active, deep inquiry, and creates a classroom community focused on respect, compassion, and equity.

Everyone with teaching responsibilities at Illinois State University (full and part time faculty, teaching assistants, and administrative/professional staff), as well as those who support student learning in co-curricular contexts, is encouraged to share the results of and insights gained from their recent projects, research, and reflective teaching experiences in one of the following formats:

  • A 20-minute presentation (maximum 2 presenters)
  • A 40-minute presentation (minimum 3 presenters; more than 5 not recommended)
  • A 40-minute round table discussion as part of the morning Idea Café (no co-presenters, please)
  • A poster (posters will be produced by CTLT at no charge, using your design)

Proposals must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, September 30, 2018.

Submit your proposal with this easy, online submission form.

Detailed selection criteria and example submissions are also available online. Note: Proposed session descriptions must be no more than 200 words in length.


Contact Dr. Dana Karraker at or (309) 438-5110.

If you need a special accommodation to fully participate in this event, please contact the CTLT main desk at (309) 438-2542.

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