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Poster File Submissions

Thank you for considering CTLT for your poster production needs. In order to best serve you, we ask that you consider the following when submitting a poster for printing:

Submit your File

Fill out the Poster Production Request form.

You will receive an email notification when we have received and downloaded your file. If you do not receive an email within one business day, please contact us at

Note: You may receive an additional email that refers to an “Incident Number.” This email merely confirms that we are working on your project. No additional action is necessary on your part. If we have questions concerning your order, you will contacted directly by a member of the CTLT team.

Lead Time

Please allow at least 3-5 business days for printing. If you have more than two posters to print, please contact us for approximate turn-around time.

NOTE: Due to the longer production time, if you want your poster mounted to foam core and laminated, you must allow at least 4 business days for printing.


  • Only one side of your poster may be more than 40 inches in length.
  • If you want your poster both mounted and laminated, one side must be less than 38 inches.
  • Make sure your poster is designed for the desired size.
    • If you are working in PowerPoint on a PC, go under the Design Tab and then click on Page Setup.
    • If you are working in PowerPoint on a Mac, go to the File menu and choose Page Setup.
    This will let you know the dimensions of your poster. You can change the dimensions, but make sure you carefully proof your file before you submit it.
  • Please provide a reasonable amount of space between the edge of the page and your text and graphics to allow for trimming.

Accepted File Types

We can print any of the following file types:

  • PowerPoint (must be saved with either the Windows or Mac PowerPoint 2016)*
  • PDF
  • High resolution TIFF
  • High resolution JPEG
  • High resolution flattened Photoshop file

*PowerPoint files created with earlier versions of the software may include format errors for which we cannot take responsibility.  Members of the campus community can get the latest version of PowerPoint through

Foam Core Mounting

We do offer foam core and you may choose to either have us permanently mount your poster to foam core or you can purchase a piece of a foam core separately. Please check our Service Charges page for pricing.


We accept the following methods of payment:

  • Department charge: If approved by your department, you must supply the name of a faculty or staff member to use on the bill. In addition, the following departments require you to get an approved charge slip in order for us to bill your department: Agriculture, Kinesiology and Recreation, and Psychology. Please speak with the appropriate person in your department about getting this slip.
  • Exact cash
  • Check



We offer competitive pricing as compared to other production resources in town. Please refer to our Service Charges page for pricing. Our large format printer is full color and it will not change the price if you choose to create your poster in black and white.

Some common sizes and pricing follow.*

Size: 48 in x 36 in
Printing only: $52
Printing and Lamination: $63
Printing and mounting to foam core: $77.31
Printing and mounting to foam core and lamination: $88.31

Size: 40 in x 30 in
Printing only: $39
Printing and Lamination: $47.25
Printing and mounting to foam core: $56.38
Printing and mounting to foam core and lamination: $64.63

*Prices are subject to change. Pricing can vary depending on how many pieces are being printed at one time. Please contact us for specific price quotes. Include the following information in your email:

  1. The size of your poster
  2. The quantity you need
  3. Whether or not you want your poster laminated
  4. Whether or not you want your poster mounted to foam core
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