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Opscan Evaluation

Recent Changes in Opscan

The Opscan Evaluation unit provides a variety of test scoring and analysis services to the Illinois State University instructional community. Our primary focus is test scanning, but we also scan research data and some institutional forms for data gathering.

Getting Started with Opscan

If you have never used Opscan before, you should read How to get started with Opscan. It explains how to submit a job to be scanned. We also have details on how to fill out the job request form and the statistics available on the various reports. The university also has strict rules on how grades may be posted, so please be sure to read it and follow the university guidelines on protecting student information.

Using Opscan with ReggieNet

If you are using ReggieNet to manage your class, you may be interested in using Opscan with ReggieNet, which explains how we can make grading and grade entering easier.

Opscan Reports

We also have full information on the reports Opscan produces (both print and electronic) and using Opscan for data gathering and tabulation.

In addition to test scoring, our office scans forms and provides output for some research and institutional evaluations.

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