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Data Gathering and Tabulation

Opscan can also gather data or generate tabulations from your survey data. When submitting a job for survey analysis, please talk to the Opscan office about what kind of information you need. We will help you fill out the form.

If you want us to do the analysis, we will generate a frequency count of responses to each question and calculate the mean, median, and standard deviation. When generating these statistics, we assign a value of 1 to A, a value of 2 to B, and so on.

If you want to receive the survey data to do analysis for yourself, we can generate an SPSS or Excel file with the data. We can give you the file on a flash drive (which you must provide) or via e-mail. If there are identification numbers in the data and you want the data sent by email, we must password-protect the data in an Excel file.

General turn-around time is 1–2 days, depending on how busy we are scanning tests.

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