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About Opscan’s New Software

Several people have asked: Why is Opscan upgrading to new software? While there was an article in the LINK on this issue, the simple answer is that the new software will allow us to change the test key (either one answer or allowing multiple answers) or the point assignments without having to rescan the entire stack of student sheets. That one issue has caused more frustration for faculty than any other—and we are responding to that issue by upgrading.

In comparing our new scanning software to our old software, we have documented things that have not changed, things that have changed, and things that have been discontinued. We have documented the new procedure for dropping your test with us and the reports that are now available. In addition, we have highlighted what statistics are now available in the new reports.

At any point, please feel free to ask us questions, clarify documentation, or explain anything we have not touched on.

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