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Things That Have Changed with Opscan′s New Software

So what is different with the new scanning system? A summary of the new features is here, but for more details follow the links to learn more about each issue.

Submitting your job

  • You will submit your job using a new job request form. It includes descriptions of each report to help you identify the new options.
  • Previously, our software could scan tests where some of the sheets were on a different form. Now, all the test sheets must be the same type of form—e.g., all the Opscan sheets must be BLLs, or all the Opscan sheets must be the Half 5 forms.
  • If you have any questions with more than one correct answer, you only need to notify us that this exists. The software automatically reads multiples as the key is scanned.
  • Don’t be surprised if it takes a bit more time for us to scan your test! We’re checking our new procedures to make sure we don’t mess things up, and that will require some additional attention and time while we go through the scanning and report generation steps.

Multiple Test Versions

If you are submitting multiple versions of a test (e.g., versions A and B of a test for a single class section), then there are new procedures to follow.

  • If you are going to have two or more versions of your test, you must now perform an additional step. In the “Misc Codes” portion, the key and all student sheets must indicate a test version using the A code. So if this is version A of the test, all students taking version A must fill in the “1” bubble under the Misc A field. Students taking version B must fill in the “2” bubble under the Misc A field. Be sure to include instructions on your test that inform students to bubble in the test version!
  • All questions must have the same point value, regardless of the weight sections.
  • All questions must have the same number of response options. Either all questions have A-E or all questions have A-J. You cannot mix the two and get a combined set of scores.
  • If you must change point values or change the number of options on questions, then you will instead receive scores and reports for each version of the test, rather than combined.


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