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What Hasn’t Changed

As important as it is to document what the new software can do and how you might need to change your procedures, Opscan also wants to make clear what is not changing. All these things will be as before.



  • The forms that Opscan is using to request the scanning of surveys and course evaluations (although we will use one or two fields differently than we have in the past).
  • Weight sections on the forms. For example, on our most popular form with 200 questions, within each weight section (1-50, 51-100, 101-150, 151-200), all the questions must be assigned the same number of points but the point assignment between sections may be different.
  • If you are giving more than one version of a test to a class (e.g., a version A and a version B for the same class section), then you still have to bring your test over separated by piles. There are some additional procedures you must follow, however.

Electronic Reports

  • How you will receive electronic files—by email or copied to flash drives.
  • Your password that is used to open your electronic reports. When we email documents containing student grades, UIDs, or survey results, we password-protect such files. If you want to receive Opscan results via email, talk to our staff about setting up a password to use for your results.
  • The Excel report that is used to upload grades to ReggieNet.
  • Course evaluations.
  • Tabulations (nonscoring analysis).
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