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What Reports Can I Get?

Each report listing below indicates which previous report it is similar to and which formats are available.

  • 101 Student Statistics
  • 103 Class Frequency
  • 104 Test Statistics
  • RN Scores for ReggieNet
  • RAW Raw Data
  • 105 Student Response
  • 106 Condensed Test
  • 203 Item Analysis Graph
  • 204 Condensed Item Analysis
  • 301 Student Grade
  • Similar to: Standard Output, Scores
  • Available as: Excel, PDF, Print
Sample of the Student Statistics report
Student Statistics report sample

This report lists all the students who took the exam with their scores. The scores are shown as both the weighted score and rescaled as if the test was worth 100 points. In addition, the T scores and mean are included.

  • Similar to: Distribution (in the Scores, Distribution, Histogram Report)
  • Available as: PDF, Print
Class Frequency report
Class Frequency report sample

The Frequencies report helps you understand the range of scores in your class. It counts up the scores between specific percentage values—90-100, 80-89, etc.—so you can evaluate how the class performed on the test overall.

  • Similar to: Portions of the item analysis
  • Available as: PDF, Print
Test Statistics report
Test Statistics report sample

In one place, you can learn a variety of details about your test: the lowest score, the highest score, the mean and median, as well as statistics to help you determine the reliability of your test.

  • Similar to: Scores for ReggieNet
  • Available as: Excel
Scores for ReggieNet sample
Scores for ReggieNet sample

As before, we continue to offer an Excel report that makes it very easy to import grades into ReggieNet. For full instructions on how to use this report, please visit our online instructions.

  • Similar to: Raw Data
  • Available as: Excel
Raw Data sample
Raw Data sample

As before, we continue to offer an Excel report that shows the test data in a tabular format. The first row shows the answers from the scanned answer key, with the student records following.

  • Similar to: Raw Data, Student Test Responses
  • Available as: PDF, Print
Student Response report
Student Response report sample

Using this report, you can see the entire class at a glance. Students are listed down the left, questions are listed across the top, and the student responses are shown for each question. Not only do you see all the scores on the test, but you also see what percent of the class answered each question correctly, along the bottom of the report. Incorrect answers are highlighted in gray.

  • Similar to: Short Item Analysis
  • Available as: PDF, Print
Condensed Test report sample
Condensed Test Report sample

This report is almost identical to our previous short-form item analysis. For each question, you can see what percent of the class answered that question correctly. You can determine which incorrect answers were most popular. And you get the point-biserial statistic, which tells you if this question was well correlated with high scores on the test.

  • Similar to: Short item analysis
  • Available as: PDF, Print
Item Analysis Graph report sample
Item Analysis Graph sample

This new report shows the item analysis, but in a graphical format. Each question shows you what percentage of the class selected each possible answer and is graphically represented with a histogram. This necessarily requires more paper to print as compared to the condensed test report.

  • Similar to: Short Item Analysis
  • Available as: PDF, Print
Condensed Item Analysis report sample
Condensed Item Analysis sample

This is another graphical version of the item analysis, but this version provides one additional detail not see in the item analysis reports listed earlier. On any question, if the students selected one of the incorrect answers more frequently than the correct answer, then that bar in the chart is filled with a horizontal line pattern. For example, in the sample above, question 14 had more people answer A, an incorrect answer, than the correct answer B. This can help identify those questions that may need close checking by the instructor to verify that the question was not poor, they key was not marked correctly, or that content was not sufficiently covered by the course materials.

  • Similar to: Individual feedback
  • Available as: PDF, Print
Student Grade report sample
Student Grade Report sample

This report will print out a sheet for each individual student and show him or her, for each question, the student’s selected answer and the correct answer. Incorrect questions are marked in gray. The score is also printed.

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