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The Job Request Form: Downloadable Version and Tips on Filling It Out

Downloadable Job Request Form

Printable Job Request Form
This is a PDF form that you can fill out in Acrobat and then print.

Tips for Filling Out the Job Request Form

Remark Job Request Form

Enter today’s date, the instructor’s last name and first initial, the department number (the first three digits of the mail code), and about how many sheets we will be scanning. An exact number is not necessary.

The “Number of versions of test” box is the number of versions of the test (such as a Version A and a version B) given to the class. The “number of class sections” is where you indicate how many separate class sections received the tests. The number of keys is the number of answer keys you have. If you say “yes” to “Were all versions of test given to the same section”, then we’ll assume multiple forms of the test were given to each section. We will give you one printout for each class section and each test version for the various item analyses and student results. For results that include student scores, like ReggieNet and Student Statistics, we will combine results for the multiple test versions and generate one report for each section.


If you are going to have two or more versions of your test, you must now perform an additional step. In the “Misc Codes” portion, the key and all student sheets must indicate a test version using the Miscellaneous A field. So if this is version A of the test, all students taking version A must fill in the “1” bubble under the Miscellaneous A field. Students taking version B must fill in the “2” bubble under the Miscellaneous A field. Be sure to include instructions on your test that inform students to bubble in the test version!

All questions must have the same point value, regardless of the weight sections.

All questions must have the same number of response options. Either all questions have A-E or all questions have A-J. You cannot mix the two and get a combined set of scores.

If you must change point values or change the number of options on questions, then you will instead receive scores and reports for each version of the test, rather than combined.

Do you want us to print the student’s score on the test sheet? If so, circle “Y.”

Please tell us which course, section, and test this is. That way we can put that information on the reports.

Tell us which results you want on paper and which you want electronically. Most electronic reports are sent via email.

NOTE: All electronic results that are emailed must be encoded to protect the students’ University IDs and grades. You must choose a password to use all year to encode and decode the files. Opscan staff can help you with this.

Do you have questions for which you are accepting more than one possible answer (i.e., A or B)? Mark “Y” if you have such questions, and make sure all correct answers are bubbled on the key. Our new software will pick up the multiples automatically.

NOTE: Even though you might have more than one answer bubble filled in on your key, the students may only fill in one bubble per question.

The reports are described briefly on the request form itself. Determine which reports you want printed and which you want to receive as Excel or PDF. Some reports are not available in all formats.

Tell us how many points each question is worth and tell us how many points the entire test is worth. You may specify decimal values for the points. The weight sections on the tests are identified with heavy lines and indicate the areas where questions should have matching point value. For example, on the BLL form, there is heavy line between questions 1-50 and 51-100. That means questions 1-50 should each be worth the same number of points. Once you “cross the line” into the next weight section, you can now change the point assignment—but questions 51-100 all have to have the same number of points.

We will ask you to sign the form when you pick up the results. You must supply Opscan with your authorization in order for TAs or GAs to pick up test results.

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