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Getting Started

  1. Pick up Opscan sheets.
    First, you need to stop by Opscan and pick up answer sheets to use with your test. We have a variety of answer sheets available, but it basically boils down to the number of responses you need for each question: either 5 (A, B, C, D, E) or 10 (A through J). Make sure to get enough for the students and enough for you to make a key (or multiple keys, if you are thinking of giving multiple versions of a test).
  2. Check your test to make sure it will work with the given sheet.
    At the same time, carefully look over your test and make sure that if you are assigning different point values for some questions, then those questions all fall into a different weight section. For example, with the answer sheet we call the BLL, questions 1 to 50 are in the first weight section and can have 1 point per question. Questions 51 to 100 are in the second weight section and can be assigned 2 or more points per question. A line will indicate each weight section. All our forms have four weight sections.
  3. Make out your key.
    Take one of the blank Opscan sheets and fill in the questions to your test. (If you have multiple versions, make out a key for each version.) Bubble your last name in the field that says “Last Name.” Please don’t put “Key” in the last name field, as we won’t be able to find your results later on.
  4. Bring your keys and sheets over to Opscan Evaluation and fill out a job request form.
    Do you have questions that you are accepting more than one possible answer (i.e., A or B)? Make sure you note these questions on the job request form. Keep in mind that even though you might have more than one answer bubble filled in on your key, the students may only fill in one bubble in response.
  5. Set up authorization for your Graduate/Teaching Assistant to receive your test results.
    Do you have a TA or GA, that you want to be able to pick up your test results? You can submit your authorization, good for the current academic year.
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