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ISUTEACH and ISUTEACH-ONLINE-L are unmoderated internet discussion lists at ISU. There is no cost to subscribe. Subscribers receive all messages posted to the lists and all postings go to everyone on the lists. “Unmoderated” means there is no screening or censorship of messages.

What’s the purpose of ISUTEACH & ISUTEACH-ONLINE-L?

ISUTEACH and ISUTEACH-ONLINE-L provide forums for conversations about teaching at ISU, in face-to-face and online environments, respectively. We post articles of interest and announcements about workshops and funding opportunities. Individual subscribers post questions, concerns, and ideas to which others may respond and offer assistance. From time to time, the listservs have been known to host some lively discussions.

How time consuming are ISUTEACH & ISUTEACH-ONLINE-L?

Traffic is fairly light on these lists. We ask subscribers to follow listserv etiquette, including not posting any personal messages to the list and making the content of the message clear in the subject line and first couple of lines of the message. Thus, it is easy to skim and delete messages that don’t interest you.

How do I subscribe?

Subscribing to ISUTEACH is EASY. Simply send an e-mail message to Leave the subject line empty and either turn off your automatic signature or put two dashes (i.e., - - ) just in front of your automatic signature. The body of the message should read:
You can also subscribe by going to and clicking on the SUBSCRIBE icon next to either ISUTEACH or ISUTEACH-ONLINE-L.

How do I post messages?

To post a message to ISUTEACH or ISUTEACH-ONLINE-L after you have subscribed, simply address the message to [LISTSERVNAME] or reply to a message sent from the list. When replying to messages on the list, please observe “netiquette” and remember that, unless you take care to change information on the “TO” line, your reply will be posted to the entire list. Please be sensitive to your colleagues’ time constraints and keep list postings pertinent, thoughtful, and substantive.

What special subscription settings exist?

ISU listservs permits several subscription options. After you have subscribed, you may send one or more of the following commands to or go to:

--receive postings in a single daily digest
--remove yourself from the list
--receive copies of your own posts
--gets information about other settings

Are messages archived?

Yes, on the following web sites: or

What if I need help or have questions?

If you need additional assistance or have questions about ISUTEACH, contact Claire Lamonica.
For questions about ISUTEACH-ONLINE-L, contact CTLT.
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