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Professional Development Modules

Design Your Course

The purpose of instruction is to help students learn. Hence the design of a course should aim at facilitating the process of learning rather than the process of teaching. The course design modules are intended to guide you through a process of decision making, component design and alignment, and self-assessment in a way that will result in the design of a course that provides significant learning experiences for your students.

The Design Your Course modules are intended for faculty at Illinois State University who are interested in learning about course design but cannot attend workshops offered at CTLT. They are also suitable for faculty needing a refresher after a workshop on course design.

Discussion of Controversial Issues as a Teaching and Learning Strategy

Our classrooms are ideal for discussion of controversial issues related to gender, religion, politics, or science. However, such discussions if not effectively managed can leave students feeling uncomfortable or threatened. Instead of a rich learning experience, class discussions can easily turn into emotionally destructive experiences and easy for the faculty to loss control.

The modules in Discussion of Controversial Issues as a Teaching and Learning Strategy are intended for faculty who are interested in developing teaching strategies and course materials for effective facilitation of controversial discussions.

Drafting a Teaching and Development Plan

Teaching development plans are a common and valuable tool for high-achieving individuals in many professional arenas and careers. However, it is a bit surprising that they rarely are included as a part of teaching portfolios. A carefully considered and well-composed development plan can provide context, perspective and a roadmap for your ongoing journey as an educator. In addition it will help guide specific decisions about your priorities and allocation of time and resources toward various goals.

The modules in Drafting a Teaching Development Plan are intended for faculty who need a teaching plan for self-improvement and successful teaching career.


CTLT’s eMentor modules provide “on demand” professional development support for faculty. These modules are available to answer your questions any time of the day or night, 365 days a year.

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