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Discussion of Controversial Issues as a Teaching and Learning Strategy

Course Overview

Facilitating a productive class discussion that are engaging and intellectually challenging to students is one of the daunting task facing faculty.

The modules will cover:

  • Module 1: Identify controversial issues relevant to your course
  • Module 2: Analyze the multiple viewpoints of an issue
  • Module 3: Review various classroom discussion facilitation strategies and examples
  • Module 4: Develop questions to promote class discussion of controversial issues
  • Module 5: Develop a plan to integrate discussion of controversial issues into your course

Estimated Time of Completion

Twenty minutes per module.

Target Audience

The modules on Discussion of Controversial Issues as a Teaching and Learning Strategy are intended for faculty at Illinois State University who are interested in developing teaching strategies and course materials for effective facilitation of controversial discussions.

They are also suitable for faculty needing a refresher after a workshop on civic engagement and student learning.


  1. Study each module.
  2. Complete the accompanying module worksheet.
  3. If applicable send questions related to modules to CTLT.

Required Technical Skills & Assistance

Keyboarding ability, familiarity with a browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome), and a computer with internet access are required.

For technical assistance, please contact your department or college support person or the Technology Support Center at (309) 438-HELP.

How to Get Organized

Each module includes worksheets, examples and templates that could be modified for your course. You may might want to create a folder on your desktop to use to save these materials (perhaps labeling it with the course name).

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