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Let's Talk Teaching

Join members of the CTLT team and special guests in a discussion about teaching and professional development for faculty at Illinois State. New episodes are generally available on Fridays, with special bonus episodes appearing from time-to-time.

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Newest Episodes

(Encore Presentation) Ep. 001: The Successful First Day of Class article thumbnailRead the syllabus, get out early… right? Wrong! We challenge common assumptions (made by both faculty and students) about what should happen on the first day of class. Discover how to set expectations, establish the culture of your class, and lay the groundwork for an enthusiastic and productive semester. As the new academic year begins, we present a repeat our very first episode, with some (still) timely advice for kicking off the school year. New episodes are in the works starting the week of Aug. 21. In the meantime, happy teaching! 
Ep. 029: Get Your Accessibility On(line) article thumbnailBy embracing a few best practices, you can make sure your online content is enhanced for use by all students. This week, we sit down with Jen Bethmann, Illinois State's new Web Accessibility Coordinator, to explore some simple techniques to format our online media with maximum accessibility. Find out what you should be doing to your web pages and online documents to make them readable by those using screen readers and other types of accessibility software. We also discuss why you may want to reexamine how you lay out web pages, and we uncover how even the choice of words on a web page can make a difference between confusion and clarity. 
Ep. 028: Cooperation article thumbnailMost teachers will tell you that group work, done well, is important to student success. But just how do you pull it off? We're back after a brief break to kick off our summer season talking about cooperative learning. Claire and Jim explore the differences between cooperation and collaboration in the classroom. Claire shares her experience designing group-related learning activities, and she gives us her take on whether it's better to let students pick groups, pick groups for them, or leave it to random chance. 
Ep. 027: In the Good Old Summer Time article thumbnailSpring has just about sprung its last. As we wrap up the end another semester, it's a great time to look forward to a summer of some meaningful "me" time. Claire and Jim discuss the benefits of summer professional development in general and some of the highlights of CTLT's Summer Institute in particular. Explore some of the philosophies behind course design, helping students write, and thriving despite the stress of life in the academy. 
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