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Let's Talk Teaching

Join members of the CTLT team and special guests in a discussion about teaching and professional development for faculty at Illinois State. New episodes are generally available on Fridays, with special bonus episodes appearing from time-to-time.

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Newest Episodes

Ep. 035: Rubrics 101 article thumbnailTake the pain out of evaluating the subjective elements of your students’ learning. In this episode, we explore the advantages of developing and using rubrics. What makes a rubric more than a checklist? And how can rubrics help us gut-check out teaching, to make sure we’re really focusing on what’s important to students? Dr. Julie-Ann McFann, CTLT’s Program Team leader, joins us to talk rubric construction, why language is as important as concepts when putting your “grid” together, and whether or not your should share your rubric with your students before they begin the assignment. 
Ep. 034: Claire's Midterm Report article thumbnailThis week, we catch up with CTLT Director Dr. Claire Lamonica, who is back in the classroom for the first time in years. She's teaching a special half-semester course called Learning in Communities, so her "midterm" has already come and gone. We discuss how well her expectations matched with the reality of teaching freshman after 12 years, what she found unexpected about their behavior, and how she decided to assess the course at its mid-point. We talk about prior knowledge, about common misperceptions concerning digital natives, and we ponder how high school may inform how this cohort of students use (or abuse) smartphones. Plus-- a shocking confession about lesson plans! 
Ep. 033: An Introduction into the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning article thumbnailThere’s no way to truly learn about teaching, about the effectiveness of various practices, or about how behaviors and attitudes of students shift as they learn, without a foundation of scholarship. Dr. Jennifer Friberg joins Jim to discuss her role as the Cross Endowed Chair in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, a position unique to Illinois State. Jen and Jim make the connection between scholarship, successful student learning, and the research-based professional development in teaching that links them. Find out how you can introduce SoTL scholarship into your own course as a way to enhance not only your discipline, but the profession of teaching as a whole. 
Ep. 032: Collaborative Writing article thumbnailYou don’t need to be an English teacher to use collaborative writing to help your students learn. Claire (who happens to be an English teacher) and Jim (who happens to not be one) discuss how this style of group work translates across the disciplines. They explore how it can help students achieve deep and unique types of learning. Claire highlights different types of collaborative writing, their pros and cons, and what it takes from an instructor’s standpoint to encourage good group behavior. Plus, they dive into the mysteries of “Lamonica’s Law.” 
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