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Ep. 024: Prompt Feedback

It's the episode we've put off doing for far, far too long! Claire and Jim explore the need to provide prompt feedback in our teaching... and why that's a challenge for many of us. These two confessed procrastinators highlight ways to encourage students to provide meaningful feedback to their peers and themselves. Find out how study groups, rubrics, and self-evaluations all play a role in supporting this important teaching practice.

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Show Notes

Here are some additional resources:

  • "Provides prompt feedback" is one of the Seven Principle for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education. Download the original article.
  • We also talked about the Seven Principles more generally in this episode from 2016.


Chickering, A. W., & Gamson, Z. F. (1987). Seven principles for good practice in undergraduate education. AAHE Bulletin, 3–7.

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