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Ep. 032: Collaborative Writing

You don’t need to be an English teacher to use collaborative writing to help your students learn. Claire (who happens to be an English teacher) and Jim (who happens to not be one) discuss how this style of group work translates across the disciplines. They explore how it can help students achieve deep and unique types of learning.  Claire highlights different types of collaborative writing, their pros and cons, and what it takes from an instructor’s standpoint to encourage good group behavior. Plus, they dive into the mysteries of “Lamonica’s Law.”

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Show Notes

Here are some additional resources:

  • Collaboration and cooperation are not the same thing. Learn more in Ep. 028: Cooperation.
  • Claire discusses the taxonomy of collaborative writing proposed by Lowry, Curtis, and Lowry. Read the article online through Milner Library. Here's the full citation: 

Lowry, P. B., Curtis, A., & Lowry, M. R. (2004). Building a taxonomy and nomenclature of collaborative writing to improve interdisciplinary research and practice. Journal of Business Communication, 41(1), 66–99. doi:10.1177/0021943603259363

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