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Past Episodes


Ep. 048: Let It Go!
Ep. 047: Researching Midterm Chats
  • 2018
  • 2017
  • 2016
Ep. 046: Contemplative Teaching
Ep. 045: Critical Thinking - Beyond the Buzzwords
Ep. 044: Days of Future ReggieNet
Ep. 043: Interrupted Case Studies with Bill Anderson
Ep. 042: Organizing Students' Experiences
Bonus Episode: Summer Reading Challenge
Ep. 041: Concept Maps
Ep. 040: Prior Knowledge
Ep. 039: The Fulbright Experience with Erin Mikulec
Ep. 038: Expanding Notions of Literacy
Ep. 037: The Last LinC
Ep. 036: Legacies (or, "Why We Teach")
Ep. 035: Rubrics 101
Ep. 034: Claire's Midterm Report
Ep. 033: An Introduction to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Ep. 032: Collaborative Writing
Ep. 031: Diverse Learners
Ep. 030: Back to the Classroom
(Encore Episode) Ep. 001 - The Successful First Day of Class
Ep. 029: Get Your Accessibility On(line)
Ep. 028: Cooperation
Ep. 027: In the Good Old Summer Time
Ep. 026: Reflection
Ep. 025: Teaching and Culture with John Baldwin
Ep. 024: Prompt Feedback
Ep. 023: Teaching on the Road with Dr. Meg Gregory
Ep. 022: What's New in ReggieNet - Spring 2017 Edition
Ep. 021: Tutoring Options at the Julia N. Visor Center
Ep. 020: From Camp to Classroom
Ep. 019: Great Expectations
Ep. 018: Claire's Bookshelf II

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