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2017 Summer Showcase Schedule

Alumni Center
August 3, 2017

About the Showcase

Dozens of members of the Illinois State teaching community are represented in the Showcase. Each one participated in one of six course design cohorts:


Your input is critical to the continued success of this event. Please take a moment to give us feedback on your experience.


Faculty and staff who register before July 31 may enjoy luncheon beginning at noon in Room 118.

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Presentations - Room 116
9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

9:30 Monica Noraian HIS 290 Methods of Teaching History/Social Sciences I
9:45 Sandra Keller FRE 340 Introduction to Applied French Linguistics
10:00 Stacey Hardin SED 205 Introduction to Special Education
10:15 Jamie Smith CSD 321 Intro to Language Disorders
10:30 Haiyan Sally Xie TEC 497 Research Methodology
10:45 Connie Dyar FCS 338 History of Interiors
11:15 David Marx PHY 207 Energy and the Environment
11:30 Jeffrey Barrett MAT 131 Geometric Reasoning: Global Spaces
1:15 Michaelene Cox POL 300/302 Senior Seminar (300), Honors Seminar (302)
1:30 Julie Jung ENG 246 Advanced Composition
1:45 Mary Jeanette Moran ENG 375 Young Adult Literature
2:00 Emily Goad MKT 325 Key Account Selling & Relationship Management
2:15 Melissa Oresky ART 261 Painting I
2:30 Alice Lee ART 326 Graphic Design III
2:45 Derick Downey ATK 320 Programming Dynamic Media

Presentations - Room 117
9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

9:00 Doug Hatch TCH 423 Developmental Issues in Early Adolescent Education
9:40 Carla Pohl NUR 564 Evidence-Based Practice
10:00 Steve Stapleton NUR 401 Theoretical Foundations of Nursing And Health Care
10:20 Orin Reitz NUR 565 Changing Health Care Systems: Quality Science and Management
10:40 Jamie Penrod NUR 223 Concepts Of Professional Nursing I: RN to BSN
11:00 Dimitris Nikolaou ECO 205 Principles of Economics
11:20 Hassan Mohammadi ECO 241 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
1:00 Wendy VanderNoordaa FCS 300 Professional Leadership in Family and Consumer Sciences
1:20 Guang Jin HSC 322 Pollution Prevention
2:00 David Sikolia IT 250 Fundamentals of Information Assurance and Security
2:20 Jomo Sankara ACC 230 Cost and Management Accounting
2:40 Meredith Downes MQM 385 Organizational Strategy

Presentations - Room 119
9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

9:00 Aimee Miller-Ott COM 297 Communication Research Methods
9:20 Dawn McBride PSY 253 Cognition & Learning
9:40 Winfred Avogo SOC 108 Contemporary Social Problems in Global Perspective
10:00 Shelly Clevenger CJS 342 Victimology
10:20 Sandra Osorio TCH 248 Foundations for Effective Practice with English Learners 
11:00 Do-Yong Park TCH 210 Child Growth and Development 
11:20 Lydia Kyei-Blankson EAF 410 Research Methodology and Statistics in Education
1:00 Lauren Bratslavsky COM 320 Mass Media: Cultural Criticism and Problems 
1:20 Bill McBride ENG 124 Film Style and Literature
1:40 Daniel Breyer PHI 224 Meaning and Religious Belief 
2:00 Katie Sampeck ANT 280  Cherokee Culture to 1830
2:20 Rachel Shively SPA 215 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
2:40 Leslie Sloan-Orr THE 154 Introduction to Black Drama and Theatre

Morning Poster Session - Room 118
10:30 a.m. to noon

Maria Boerngen AGR 422 International Trade of Agricultural Products
Olivia Butts KNR 351 Trends and Issues in Leisure and Recreation 
Kate Clement AGR 303 Seminar in Agriculture
Stef Gardiner-Walsh SED 327 Aural (Re)habilitation
Denise Hammer NUR 316 Maternal Infant Nursing
Gardenia Harris SWK 222 Historical and Contemporary Social Welfare Policies
Cori Harrison AGR 170 Introduction to Animal Science
Sara Jozwik SED 345 Literacy Methods
Tonya Pierce IT 164 Intro to Problem Solving Using a Computer
William Reger IDS 121A27 Global Piracy
Taneshia West Albert FCS 389A38 Emerging Technology in Interior Design
Kelly Lambert COM 275 Intro to Live Sports Production
Samuel Kamara IDS 121A19 Texts & Contexts: Literary Studies

Afternoon Poster Session - Room 118
1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Douglas Cutter SOC 209 Intro to Latino Studies
Samantha Dunn COM 110 Going Global in COM 110
Janice Jayes HIS 104 History of the Middle East
Chelsea Kuehner KNR 361 Pathology & Pharmacology in Athletic Training
Rose Marshack MUS 175 Introduction to the Music Industry
Heather Phillips PHI 234 Business Ethics
Justin Stern CJS 322 Conflict, Resolution, Mediation, and Restorative Justice
Abby Stone ANT 102 Human Origins

Morning Future Faculty Portfolio Session - Room 118
10:30 a.m. to noon

Graduate StudentDepartment
Olya Cochran English
Shane Combs English
Sylvia Findlay English
Shelby Ragan English
Britni Williams English

Afternoon Future Faculty Portfolio Session - Room 118
1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Graduate StudentDepartment
Arundhati Bhattacharya Educational Administration and Foundations
Dakota Horn Communication
Sophia Pollalis Kinesiology and Recreation
Jeff Rients English
Erika Rosenberger Psychology
Rachel Sparks Biological Sciences

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