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Studio Glass

Studio Glass is a dedicated space where faculty can create instructional video lectures. It enables instructors to produce videos of their lectures with a short turnaround time. Studio Glass is especially helpful when exploring complex concepts, which can be explained by writing and drawing on screen.

Studio demo writing

Studio Glass uses a lightboard made of glass that functions as a whiteboard, except the text and illustrations appear in front of the lecturer. Unlike in a regular classroom, where instructors tend to turn back from the class while writing on the board, instructors using Studio Glass appear to write on screen, maintaining eye contact with the audience. 

Tips on using Studio Glass:

  • Rehearse your lecture before the actual recording
  • studio glass demo lecture
    Wear plain and darker clothes, try not to wear clothes with texts as this will appear in reverse in the video
  • After hitting the record button, wait for 10 seconds before starting the lecture
  • Try not to write on the space that occupies your face
  • Look at what you are writing
  • Point on the term or concept that you are explaining
  • Although Studio Glass can record longer, it is advisable to keep your lecture within 5-10 minutes
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