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Welcome to the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology's support pages for ReggieNet, the official learning management system (LMS) at Illinois State University.

Improvements and New Tools

An Updated Look and Feel

  • Single-line text on the tools menu is easier to read and requires less scrolling.
  • It is now easier to select favorite course sites, which appear as buttons at the top of the desktop view.
  • New course sites can be set to automatically appear in your favorites list (like at the start of the semester).

New Tools

  • The Attendance Tool allows instructors or teaching assistants to quickly track who is in class, who is late, and who is not there. Points can be added or subtracted from an overall attendance grade in the Gradebook tool. Instructors can also print blank sign-in sheets customized to their courses.
  • The new Commons Tool is a simple communication tool that allows students to have short conversations with their peers and their instructor. Unlike the Chat or Forums Tools, the Commons is designed as a simple chat log-- no topics, threads, or grading.

Improved Tools

  • Assignments: The tool now includes a trashcan feature, making it possible to retrieve an accidentally deleted assignment. Options on the edit page were reorganized to improve workflow. Instructors now have the option to have comments included in the email notification included when grades are released. Instructors now can grade assignments anonymously.
  • Gradebook: Improvements make the Gradebook far easier to navigate-- the horizontal scroll bar now appears at the bottom of the screen, not the bottom of entire roster. An "Item Order" button now allow you to reorder within categories.
  • Lessons: New widgets can connect Lessons pages more closely to other tools in ReggieNet. These new options include links to folders in the Resources tool, and the ability to embed the Announcements tool, Calendar tool, and the most recent Forums conversations. There is also an option to include expandable subpage links in the left-hand navigation.
  • Tests & Quizzes: Instructors can now give students more time or additional opportunities to take an assessment within an existing quiz-- no need to create and publish a new copy!

Get Help

CTLT provides one-on-one support for all course instructors. CTLT also offers training through hands-on workshops and customized workshops by request throughout the year. Students who need help using ReggieNet should contact the Technology Support Center at 438-HELP.

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