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Course Combination

Instructors who teach multiple sections of the same course sometimes find it helpful to have their ReggieNet course sites combined into one. Instructors can make their own course combination requests through the new Student Information System.

Process changed

The course combination request process has changed. See the updated step-by-step guide for details.

Downloadable Guide

A step-by-step guide to navigating the request system is available for download.


To combine two or more sections of a course into one "combined" course, you need to submit a course combination request. When your request is granted, students from all course sections are merged and the content for the course is housed only in the combined course site rather than duplicated for multiple sections.

  • Course combination requests will be submitted through the PeopleSoft interface. (You may need to log in with your ULID and password when using this direct link)
  • Once your request is submitted, the Registrar’s office approves or denies the request.
  • Once approved, the ReggieNet system creates the new combined course shell, generates a unique name, and loads all students and the instructor into the new course.
  • The instructor uses combined course like any other ReggieNet course.
  • At semester end, grades for all students are passed from the combined course to the Registrar’s system.

Warning: Once a new combined course is created, students from all sections are merged together in one roster for the combined course. This may affect how you use Gradebook, e-mails and other course site activities. Most instructors enter the original section information in Gradebook and/or choose to create groups in their new combined course based on the course sections that were combined. Additionally, since the grade submission process will be tied with the new combined course, we recommend against using the Gradebook function of the original sections.

Getting Help

For technical issues involving the PeopleSoft interface, please contact the Technology Support Center at 438-HELP.

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