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Project and Special Course Site Requests

Project sites and special course sites are created by request. Project sites differ from course sites in that they have fewer roles (Organizer, Participant, and Guest), and can be made joinable (see below). Special course sites are like the sites created for regular classes. Note: You do not need to fill out this request form if you are teaching regular semester courses that students enroll in through the student information system.

Registering Participants

Students are not automatically enrolled in project and special course sites. For special course sites, you will need to add students manually (Site Info > Add Participants).

Joinable Sites

A project site can be made “joinable”. Joinable sites allow participants to add themselves to the site.  Owners can also manually add participants to project sites.

  • To make a project site “joinable,” go to Site Info > Manage Access and select “Allow anyone to join the site with valid login id.” You will then be prompted to grant new members either guest or participant status. Please note: Both students and faculty/staff will be able to join your project site.
  • To find a list of all “joinable” sites, go to My Workspace > Membership > Joinable Sites.
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