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Online Testing

Some students’ testing scores have not been recorded properly and have shown “zero” even though they have completed an exam. If you are using the Tests & Quizzes tool for your final exam, please be aware of the following limitations and pass them on to your students.

For Students

  • Do not log in to ReggieNet from multiple tabs, multiple browsers or multiple devices (e.g., computer AND mobile devices). Students should be looking at only the testing screen and not be clicking Lessons, Resources, or any other tools in ReggieNet while taking a test.
  • Save your answers as often as possible. If the questions are all displayed on one page, the “Save” button will be at the bottom of the page. Students should periodically click “Save” and then scroll back up to answer the questions.
  • Do not use any mobile devices.
  • Do not use your browser’s Back and Forward buttons.
  • Wait for a confirmation number. After clicking “Submit for Grading,” wait for the submission screen that includes the confirmation number. If you close ReggieNet before seeing this screen, your test may not be recorded.

For Instructors

  • Use "Each Question is on a separate Web page" option when it's possible - if the one question per page option doesn't work for your instructional purpose, please break your assessment into parts and use "Each Part is on a separate Web page" option. This should help students save the answers frequently so that their assessment scores are recorded properly.
  • ReggieNet will time out after 2 hours. Also, students sometimes encounter connectivity issues. So, even if the time limit for your test is less than 2 hours, we encourage you to use multiple pages, which will encourage students to save their answers frequently.
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