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Ep. 031: Diverse Learners

We present our seventh in-depth look at the 7 Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education with a discussion about meeting the needs of diverse learners. Claire and Jim (and Jim's obnoxious summer cold) begin with the problem of categorizing students as "visual" or "auditory" learners-- tired old concepts with little utility. They explore alternatives, and look for ways to make at least some aspect of assignments multi-modal, to allow students to play to their strengths. Claire also explains the virtue of pushing students past their comfort zones. 

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Show Notes

Here is some of the research and other resources discussed in this episode:

Chickering, A. W., & Gamson, Z. F. (1987). Seven principles for good practice in undergraduate education. AAHE Bulletin, 3–7.

Dunn, P. A. (1995). Learning re-abled: The learning disability controversy and composition studies. Portsmouth, NH: Boynton/Cook Publishers.

  • Read more about the closer examination and reassessment of long-held beliefs concerning learning styles.

This TEDx presentation from 2015 by Dr. Tesia Marshik looks at the benefits of challenging students' learning styles:

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