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Faculty Fellows

CTLT’s Faculty Fellows program networks faculty on campus through the ongoing conversation of teaching and student learning. Our program identifies faculty who transform students’ lives by engaging them in the process of deep learning and invites them to facilitate workshops during CTLT’s Summer Institute.


Successful workshops will include learning objectives that reflect one of CTLT's Keys to Enhanced Teaching:

Engage Learners icon Make Connections icon Design Learning icon Transform Teaching icon Expand Horizons icon

  • Engage Learners
  • Make Connections
  • Design Learning
  • Transform Teaching
  • Expand Horizons

You can see example workshop descriptions on our Summer Institute page.


Faculty Fellows may facilitate either a full- or half-day workshop.

  • Full-day workshops are typically six hours (9 a.m. to 3 p.m.) with an hour allowed for lunch (food is provided by CTLT). The stipend for a full day workshop is $500.
  • Half-day workshops are two and a half hours and will be either offered from either 9:30 a.m. to noon or 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. No lunch will be provided. The stipend for a half-day workshop is $250.

Please note: Stipends per workshop, not per facilitator. If you choose to have a co-facilitator, the workshop stipend will be divided equally between the facilitators. Additionally, stipends are contingent upon full participation and completion of all items outlined below. Stipends will be paid at the end of the month subsequent to the one in which you submitted your post-workshop report. For example, if you submit your post-workshop report in June, the soonest you will receive your stipend is the end of July.

Becoming a Faculty Fellow

  1. Faculty Fellowships are available to ISU tenure and non-tenure track faculty and administrative professionals with teaching responsibilities.
  2. Submit a proposal using the online submission form by February 17, 2019. You can see what sort of information is needed by reviewing this example and this example.
  3. The CTLT team will review applications using this rubric.
  4. If accepted, you'll be required to attend a short, two- or three-hour orientation workshop at CTLT (likely in April or early May) to get a few more details that will help you with your planning.
  5. Submit your Workshop Plan (a template will be provided at workshop) to Julie-Ann McFann no later than one week before your workshop.
  6. Submit a short report about your workshop to Julie-Ann (reflection prompts will be provided at orientation workshop) within 7 days after your workshop.


Faculty Fellows will receive support from CTLT to ensure success!

Logistical support: Publicity, registration, roster of participants, handouts printing (if delivered at least 48 business hours before the workshop), physical space, and food (for full-day workshops).

Content support: Bibliography development, materials (available through the Instructional Resource Commons), workshop development (consultations available with Julie-Ann), outreach (identifying colleagues that may be available to assist).

Questions? Contact Dr. Julie-Ann McFann at 309-438-5848 or

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