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Ep. 034: Claire's Midterm Report

This week, we catch up with CTLT Director Dr. Claire Lamonica, who is back in the classroom for the first time in years. She's teaching a special half-semester course called Learning in Communities, so her "midterm" has already come and gone. We discuss how well her expectations matched with the reality of teaching freshman after 12 years, what she found unexpected about their behavior, and how she decided to assess the course at its mid-point. We talk about prior knowledge, about common misperceptions concerning digital natives, and we ponder how high school may inform how this cohort of students use (or abuse) smartphones. Plus-- a shocking confession about lesson plans!

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Show Notes

Here are some additional resources:

Jim mentioned research on student attitudes about required use of technology versus choice:

Finn, A. N., & Ledbetter, A. M. (2014). Teacher verbal aggressiveness and credibility mediate the relationship between teacher technology policies and perceived student learning. Communication Education, 63(3), 210–234. doi:10.1080/03634523.2014.919009

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